High-Definition 960P Wireless IP Camera FI9805W

IP Cameras are ubiquitous now because they offer amazing security in your premises. In fact, in my neighborhood, almost all of us have IP cameras available in our homes to increase confidence that we know what’s going on in our vicinity.

With that being said, I am going to recommend a relatively inexpensive IP camera that you can use in your homes and other establishments.

Introducing the High-Definition 960P Wireless IP Camera FI9805W. As you may very well know, this IP camera is capable of delivering high-definition, 960p resolution videos to your NVR or Network Video Recorder.

Now, what makes this an amazing IP camera, to begin with? Here are its amazing features:

1. ONVIF Compliant. The High-Definition 960P Wireless IP Camera FI9805W is ONVIF Compliant which means that you can use this IP camera in conjunction with other IP Cameras with different brands. Because of this, you can pretty much buy one of these FI9805W IP cameras and be confident that it can work hand in hand with other branded IP cameras on the market.

2. Amazing High-Quality Footage. The High-Definition 960P Wireless IP Camera FI9805W is capable of recording 960p or 1280×960. Not only that but the camera’s color sensor is 1.3MP. On top of that, the High-Definition 960P Wireless IP Camera FI9805W comes equipped with 36 pieces of Infrared LEDs and it even has Night Vision range of up to 30 meters.

3. Smart Features. The High-Definition 960P Wireless IP Camera FI9805W has amazing “smart” features. Some of these smart features include the ability to remotely access the live-view feed, compatibility with all popular internet browsers, allows you to access the live-feed using a companion app for Android and iOS mobile phones, and there is a motion-detection email notification feature which notifies you if there is movement within your premises via an email message.

4. Customizable Camera Features. Some of the key aspects of this IP camera can also be tweaked to your preferences. You can select the camera’s resolution, bit rate, frame rate; you can also tweak the display rate to optimize the camera’s video streaming capabilities; and you can even adjust different aspects of the video such as the brightness, contrast, saturation, among others.

5. Different Recording Modes. As for the different recording modes, there is a manual mode which allows you to truly customize the IP camera’s features and there is an automatic mode which the camera does all of its purported features using healthy defaults. There is also a mode wherein the IP cameras will only record footage until it detects any movement within its perspective.

6. Audio IO. And lastly, for the audio, the High-Definition 960P Wireless IP Camera FI9805W supports 2-way communication between the NVR and the IP camera. Furthermore, you can disable the microphone in order to save on some precious storage space so you can record more footage. And there are also some RCA ports for external microphones and speakers.

The High-Definition 960P Wireless IP Camera FI9805W is a solid solution for people who are looking to buy an IP camera on the market. One FI9805W IP Camera kit only costs $160.